Field Set Up

The setting up and packing up of the fields at Renown Park and the Green requires assistance from parents and players of our club.

Oatley Football Club is one of the largest junior sports clubs in the St George district. It is also solely run by volunteers. Committee members, coaches and managers do not get paid. Your help with tasks like this will contribute to the club’s continuing success.

If you are playing first at Renown or The Green, please make sure you are there 45mins before the start of the game for U6 to U9 and 1 hour for Renown Main and The Green so that you can set up your field.

If you are playing last, please make sure you pack up your field after the game.

Please ensure that you leave yourself enough time to set up before the first game is due to start. The cage near the water tower and sheds next to the canteen will be open to access the gear needed for set-up.

Set Up Procedures


Mini and SSF fields – one team does both

All items can be found in the cage, near the water tower.

  1. Set up the goals – located in cage near water tower (key on yellow paddle);
  2. Place the ropes around perimeter of both fields, do not join to main field ropes;
  3. Corner posts and half way flags to be put out, flags found in club store room in box marked Corner flags, corner posts located in wheelie bin in cage.


  1. Keys for the Green located in coded lock box at the Green;
  2. Setup goals and hang nets;
  3. Put out rope hangers around the perimeter of the entire field;
  4. Hang ropes around the field;
  5. Put out corner and halfway flags.

If you are the last team to play on any of the fields it is your responsibility to pack up your field.

Pack Up Procedures


All items to be packed away in storage cage

  1. Under 6/7 field goals are to be folded up and returned to the cage near the water tower;
  2. Under 8/9 field goals to be returned to the cage complete with nets on;
  3. Roll up the ropes and return them to the cage;
  4. Remove rope holders and place in wheelie bin and return them to the cage;
  5. Remove all corner and halfway flags and return to wheelie bin in the cage, please remove flags from top of corner posts and return them to the clubs store room into a box marked corner flags;
  6. When all gear is packed into cage please close gates and lock it up. 


Remove nets from the goal post, place them back in the yellow wheelie bin and return them to the store room
Move both goal posts to the far end of the field and lock them together
Roll up the ropes and return the reels to the store room

  1. Set up the goals – get key from store room, unlock and place in position;
  2. Hang nets on goals;
  3. Place the ropes on the sides of the field – making sure the technical area is inside the ropes;
  4. Put out corner and halfway flags.
  5. Remove the rope holders and corner flags and return to the yellow wheelie bin store room.


  1. Remove nets and dismantle goals and return to the store room;
  2. Return corner and halfway flags to the store room;
  3. Roll up perimeter ropes on to reels and return to store room;
  4. Return rope holder stakes to store room;
  5. Pull down shutter door and lock exterior gate to storeroom making sure the key box is locked and the code is scrambled.


All keys for Renown are kept on the paddle. This can be found at 31 Mountbatten Street, Oatley. When cage and gear room are opened please return the keys.  DO NOT REMOVE KEYS OFF THE PADDLE.

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