Oatley FC Home Grounds

Renown Park, Oatley

The Green, Kyle Bay

A full list of the St George Grounds is available on the SGFA website.

Wet Weather

Oatley FC will issue an alert on Team App if grounds are closed. As you can appreciate, changes in weather can occur very quickly but we will do our best to stay on top of the situation. You can also call the appropriate Council directly to find out the latest details regarding ground closures.

Georges River Council 9330 6452
Rockdale City Council 9562 1637

On game day you can also check the St George Football Association's website at www.sgfa.com.au for updates on ground closures.

Match Sheets (Blank)

Important Note: Select the correct Match Sheet for your grade from the options below. Do not alter or add lines to these standard templates in any way. 

Non Comp Match Sheet

Comp Match Sheet

PL Match Sheet 

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