By Graham Smith

Like all sporting organisations, money is always needed to supply much needed equipment for the teams. Our club first of all held meat and vegetable raffles in Oatley Hotel. Next venue became Oatley RSL where each section of the Youth Club were rostered to sell raffle tickets. Another assistance to the club’s finances was the collection of aluminium cans which were stored in the Clow’s garage which became filled to capacity, and then cashed in.


1. Neville Wenham arranged sponsorship through “Hastings Deering” Motor Company, whereby the Youth Club T shirts had the Hastings Deering logo placed on the back of them. The cost to Hastings Deering and then the club retailed these to all members. This sponsorship proved to be a very rewarding exercise.

2. United Permanent sponsorship through the Club Treasurer Ross Lewis saw covers printed for the “Roundball” with United Permanent logo on the front page. Ross Lewis and Graham Smith stood outside United Permanent on Forest Road, Hurstville on Saturday mornings selling 300 sample bags which were supplied by United Permanent. Ross Lewis also sold advertising space on the inside of the Roundball Covers.

3. Our next sponsorship came after a few years by way of club member Keith Jones who sold off advertising space to a great many sponsors on the inside and back page of the Roundball with the front page sold to a major sponsor, C.R Storey Plumbing. This sponsor is also suupporting the All Age A of 1990.

Canteen Extension – 1984

For many years, the canteen at Renown Park was situated in a small room in the middle of the amenities block. With the increasing growth of the club it caused an increase in danger.
It was decided to expand the amenities block by way of a new canteen at the end of the existing building. After many meetings with Council representatives, namely J. Lawless, Ray green, Alderman Arthur Hardiman and request for financial assistance through a grant from Sport and Recreation, approval was given for a proviso that any extension must conform exactly with the existing building and a stipulation that the Soccer Club bears no equity in this extension upon completion.

Initially the digging starts, the foundation with an enormous amount of help available frmo club members. Phil Jones moved in and showed his expertise with the laying of bricks, then Ken Tonks moved in and showed his expertise with the plumbing and drainage requirements.

The concrete slab was put into place on the roof courtesy of Phil Jones assisted by Mario Del Bianco. John Mitchell then brought power to the scene by way of electrical installations and Billy Moore supplied the electrical fittings. With the outside structure completed the next step was to fit the interval shelving courtesy of Bernie Evans. Large cupboards on the wall were required, so Dave Goddard came to the rescue and supplied and fitted these. Our refrigerator was supplied by Keith Jones.

The next step was roller doors which were supplied by Elite Equipment and installed by Bernie Evans. The internal cosmetics of painting was provided by Bill Clow. Last of all came the securing of the canteen by way of anti-theft grills which were supplied and fitted by Keith Jones.

Listed below are the names of the people who so generously gave their time and efforts to complete the project:


 Nev Wenham  Phil Jones  Keith Jones  Ross Lewis
 Bernie Evans  John Gidney  John Lackey  Bill Clow
 Graham Smith  Terry Walker  Ken Tonks  Jim Bates
 Bruce Saunders  Bobby Hignett  Phil Tonks  Billy Moore
 John Mitchell (Snr)  Barry Gray  Con Raptis  Col Ford
 John Mitchell (Jr)  Lionel Palmer

A thank you dinner was arranged for all these people by way of two rotisseried lambs, cooked by Con Raptis, the venuw being Moore Reserve and then the Youth Club Hall after rain interrupted our celebrations. Alderman ARthur Hardiman and his wife were special guests of the day.

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