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Managing a team can be a lot of fun. It can also be a lot of work. Here you’ll find some ideas and tips on how to manage your team so that your workload is kept to a minimum but your team is managed in a professional manner.

Please use this contact form if you are interested in coaching or managing a team this season. Please specify if you have a certain team in mind. 

As a new requirement from Football NSW effective January 2018, all coaches, managers, RTO’s and referees must have a Working With Children Check Number. Whilst getting this check will involve a small amount of your time, it is free (for volunteers) and the number is valid for 5 years.  Unfortunately we can no longer accept a request to be a coach/manager/RTO without this number (even if you are coaching/managing your own child’s team).  The only exception to this is for coaches/managers/referees under the age of 18.

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Match Sheets 2018 (Blank)

2018 SGFA Non Comp Match Sheet 2018

SGFA Competition Match Sheet 2018

SGFA PL-WPL Match Sheet

Note: Please download the correct Match Sheet for your grade from the options above.
Do not alter or add lines to these standard templates in any way.

Referee's Fees - 2018

Please use this form to request a time for training for the 2018 season.
Please note we can’t guarantee times.  

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