Registration with Oatley FC opens 8 January 2018

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Registration with Oatley FC opens 8 January 2018.


Q: How do I register.?

A: registration is on-line at Please make sure you select Oatley FC as the club Q: What if I need help with registration? A: The club will hold registration help days in late January/early February. Please check club website for details


Q: What age group do I play in?

A: The age group you play in is the age you turn this year. So if your child turns 12 this year, then they will play in the u12. For over 35 and over 45, you must have turned 35 or 45 by the end of June this year.


Q: Can my child play in an older age group?

A: You can also play in an age group up to 2 years above your age. So your 12 yo can also register in u13 or u14. Preference is for players to play in their correct age group, but we will consider players ‘playing up’ where it is warranted


Q: How young can my child start?

A: A child turning 5 this year can play in U6


Q: Can girls play?

A: Certainly, girls can be integrated with the boys up to the age 11. There also are all girl’s competitions from u7 to u9 played on Saturdays. Girls/women competitions from u10 are played Sundays. Please speak to the club about the best place for your daughter to play. Q: Why are registrations so early. A: The timetable of events is   – Registrations should completed before grading in mid February  – Grading days 2nd week of February  – Teams created and submitted to SGFA by the end of February  – Trial games in mid march  – First game first week in April (season runs until the end of August) Q: If I register am I guaranteed a place? A: Each age group has a minimum and maximum team size. At times the number of registrations in a particular age group will be such that it is not possible to accommodate all players. For the ages U6 to U11 and adult teams we have so many players that this is never a problem. We may experience problems with teams in the U12-U18 age groups. We recommend that players in this age group register before grading days, so we can plan for the right numbers of team in these age groups. Q: Can I register late. A: The club will continue to accept registrations, providing there are places in teams in the relevant age groups. No registration will be accepted by SGFA after June 30th

Q: Why do we grade our players? A: We believe that children will get the most out of playing, by being placed in a team where they play against players of similar ability. It is all about giving them time on the ball and providing a suitable challenge Q: Can my child play with a friend?

A: Under 6 to 9. In these age groups we have a lot of teams. In general, we can form teams with groups of friends. Please speak to the age co-ordinator on grading day, if you have a group of friends that want to play together Under 10 and above. In the older age groups there are less teams and the differences between player’s ability increases. This makes it more difficult to keep friends together


Q: What clothing/gear do I need?

A: The club provides shirts to each team which are returned at the end of the year. Included in your registration is shorts, socks and a training shirt. You need to purchase shin pads and boots.


Q: Where and when will I play?

A: Games are played at our home grounds of Renown Park or The Green and at the home grounds of our opposition clubs in the St George area. Up to u18, games are on Saturday mornings. All age men play Saturday afternoon. Girl’s comps from u10 to women’s teams up are played on Sundays. Over 35 men’s play Sunday and over 45 play Friday nights


Q: When and where will I train?

A: Training times and dates are arranged by agreement with all the players and parents, but must always be at a time convenient to the coach. In general training is one day per week, but older age groups may train more often.




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