Minor Premiers and Grand Final Winners of 2017

Under 12 Boys

The under 12 boys had a spectacular season this year, consistently improving and towards the end of the season really starting to play some fantastic Football.

All season our coaches have focused on the basics, ball skills, passing, jocking, pressure on the ball and dribbling. There is a team of us coaching these kids, you all know who you are.

A very unselfish team, the boys are more interested in passing the ball  as opposed to who actually sticks it in the back of the net. This is something we have emphasized for 3 years now coaching the team.

The Grand Final was no different, with the boys continuing to control the ball from the goal keeper, to the backs through the midfield, to the forwards.

Lugarno pressured and played really well in the first half, and we went into half time with a 1–0 deficit.

Under a lot of pressure, the coach asked the boys to dig deep, and continue to try and dominate the game and take the pressure back to the opposition in their half.

With a couple of minor position changes to concentrate on attach, the boys lifted greatly, with the first of Oatley’s of 4 goals to come in the second half.

Some spectacular goals, made even more special as they were all constructed with structured passing and team play.

Final Score 4 – 1 Oatley.

A great performance by Lugarno, another team which has developed well over the year with a coach who I know has put in enormous effort with his boys.

A special thanks to SGFA for hosting the games at Oki – the boys – and parents will remember this for the rest of their lives – such a special day.

Thanks also to Oatley Football Club – A Club that continues to focus on fostering all players skills levels, regardless of their ability.

A Special thanks to the parents of Oatley Under 12 Team 1 and Team 2 – we could not have done it without your support.

To all the Under 12 boys (and 2 girls), in Team 1 and Team 2, a privilege coaching you, you all make it worthwhile for Josh and myself.


James & Josh

Coaches Under 12 Oatley Football Club Team 1 and Team 2



U14 Girls A

Some seasons are just special.

Minor Premiers, Grand Final Winners, great performances, unforgettable moments, fantastic families and so much fun along the way.

It was a year where every player made substantial contributions, and every player had their turn at lifting the team when they needed to.

The GF performance told the story of our season. An uncertain and anxious start, a more determined and spirited middle and a finale that highlighted all that was great this year – skill, belief, support, team spirit, strategy, with a touch of magic.

So very proud of this team. We’ll never forget this one.




What a great season its been And congratulations to the boys of the u18c’s on being minor premiers and premiers.

We arrived at the ground early to prepare for the Grand final against our arch rival over the season Hurstville glory.

The boys were very relaxed pre game and had a determined look in their eyes, You could see and feel that the boys would leave everything they had on the park to bring home the title.

Both teams came out firing in the first half and we knew it was going to be a tough match but Oatley was the team to settle the quicker of the of the 2. We started to put together some great one touch passing and hounded the Hurstville goal and after 10 minutes we went 1-0 up with a goal from Kieran who persisted in pressuring the keeper into a mistake.

Hurstville came back at us hard after this but Oatley played great in defence and held on with everyone getting behind the ball

but Hurstville managed to make it 1-1 just before half time.

The second half was a great game to watch as both sides had chances to go ahead but remained scoreless.

So extra time it is and at this point I had sprouted another 100 grey hairs but the boys had a very calm presence about them and were so focussed.  The first half of extra time saw Oatley starting to dominate the game and were the fitter of the 2 sides as Hurstville players started to go down with cramp. 1st half of extra time over with no goals.

The Oatley boys had a great team talk at half time and you could see the hunger in the boys eyes.

The second half was dominated by Oatley and we had several chances to go ahead but the oppositions keeper kept them in it.

So I started to get my penalty takers list sorted out in my head and was thinking this will be a cruel way to end the game for both teams  when all of a sudden with 90 seconds left our midfield won the ball and with great one touch passing and team work and the ball got to kierans feet who thundered it into the back of the net from 20 yards out.

The game was ours as Hurstville were shattered and their heads hung low as they knew it was over.

Well done boys for such a great season and as your coach you have grown as a team over the past two seasons and believed in your selves to take it out this year and you played great football as a team.


AAWC (Story to come)



35As (Story to come)


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